Flying Ryanair. The good, the bad, and the terrible. An honest review.

Hello Explorers! Ben here and in this post I’ll be talking about our first experience flying with Ryanair. We flew from London to Barcelona. This will reflect upon things that were terrible as well as thighs that were fine.

The Terrible

I might as well start by getting the terrible part story out of the way. I booked our flight with rynair online through there website on the 26th of April. I booked a flight for 15:35 from London to Barcelona. The flight was confirmed and I had my reservation number. I proceeded to screen shot the purchase and flight information (see attached picture) to insure I remembered the flight and had proof of perchase (as I always do when booking tickets online). We arrived at the airport about 1.5 before our flight was scheduled to leave, or so we thought.

When we went to check into our flight the lady informed us were very early because our flight was not scheduled until sometime around 20:30 (I forget the exact time). This is where it all began. We showed her our booking screenshots and our passports, and she told us there was no flight at 15:35 but we were on the passenger list for the 20:30 flight. She then directed us to the customer service desk where she said they could help us. But, she couldn’t have been more wrong. When we walked up to the desk the man was rude and inunterested in helping us figure out what was wrong. He told me it was my fault for booking the flight wrong. Which I don’t see how I can book it wrong when you literally are given a list of flights and choose one. He then proceeded to say my screenshot was not a valid point of proof because it was a screenshot of the sale and not the actual bill of sale itself (which we could not access since we do not have internet on our phones without wifi). After trying to discuss the problem for over an hour we told us to leave or he would be calling security. Not happy with this situation we left and found another customer service desk for Swiss air who apparently runs rynair. These people were much more helpful but could not find out how we booked for a flight which didn’t exist. They called up to the head office and couldn’t figure anything out. We asked if we could be put on another rynair flight which was going from the same airport to the same Barcelona airport as our original that left at 16:30. They proceeded to tell us we would need to pay a transfer fee of over £150. I do not see why they expect me to pay 3x the amount of our original tickets to switch planes due to an error of there own. Needless to say we did not pay that ridiculous price and were forced to wait at the airport for over 7 hours for the 20:30 flight. We were not happy to be spending a day of our trip stuck I. An airport due to no fault of our own and no compensation for their screw up.

The good and bad of the flight 
If there is one good thing about flying Ryanair it’s the price. We paid £48.94 total for our two tickets and seat reservations. Which is a really good deal coming out at around £24.50 per ticket. The flight was alright it was like any budget airline.  You get a flight without any extras. The plane had two sections of 3 rowed seats split down the middle by an isileway. They offer you food and drinks during the flight at above average cost but that’s normal on airlines. The seats were not uncomfortable for a short flight but would be on s long one. The seats do not adjust and have just enough legroom in them for my knees not to touch the seat in front of me (I am 6ft). We felt we got what we payed for when it came to the actual plane. But, a word of causation while our backpacks fit in the carry on area fine, the customers bag in front of us  did not. They charged him and additional £60 at the gate to check his suitcase. So be sure to measure your bag before you get to the airport. Also, I wanted to note I carried on my tent with no problems stakes, poles, and all.


Flying Ryanair can be a great way to save some cash when flying. But be prepared it’s not a high class gig you get what you pay for. If you don’t mind having little room, and stuff seats for an hour or so then go ahead and fly with them. If you don’t like to be next to strangers and cramped up with no moving room spend a little more on your flight with another company. But, above all if you do decide to fly with them hope that you do not have to deal with their customer service because you will get nowhere. When all is said and done rynair is fine for the price if everything goes smooth but they don’t care about you at all. You are just a number to them and they just want your money.

Adventure Awaits!


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