How to Travel on a Budget. An Honest Allegiant Airlines Review.


We have flown with Allegiant Airlines a few times now. This particular time was from Cincinnati (CVG) to Newark (EWR). We were flying in to spend the day in New York City before we left for our backpacking trip around Europe.


When flying in the states flights can be expensive, even for short flights. As budget travelers we tend to choose the lowest price point possible. This tends to be Alleigent Air. For our flight from CVG to EWR we paid $60 each for our flight. This was a couple months in advance but the prices tend to hover around there until the date is extremely close. For that price we did not check any bags nor did we get priority boarding, and we did not reserve any seats. All of those options cost extra. For that price you can’t really go wrong since competitors can cost hundreds for just a base flight. However you will notice it’s not a “luxury” airline. Here is what you can expect.

Comfort and Layout

The plane is divided into sections. Business class, and economy (We have always flown economy). The plane is more crowded and tight then other airlines but that is to be expected for a budget flight. The seats are 3 seats deep with an isle down the middle dividing the left and right sides. The seats are fixed in place so you cannot recline. Which is a good thing because there is limited leg room. I am 6ft and my knees almost touch the row in front of me. They are made of a harder padding and the back is almost straight up. So it’s not the most comfortable seat if you looking to take a nap but it’s not bad for a short 2 hour flight. After take off the crew comes around with a cart and asks if anyone would like something to eat or drink. Nothing special just the basic water, pop, and snacks. The flights have all been smooth and went off without and hiccups or surprise costs. The staff has always been friendly and helpful. 

The Short Version

If you are a luxury traveler that needs lots or leg room, really comfortable seats, and doesn’t like to be right next to people this airline isn’t for you. If you are on a tight budget and don’t mind having limited comfort for an hour or two the Allegiant Airlines is a good choice for you.

Thanks for reading! Adventure Awaits!

-Ben & Felicia

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