A Backpacker’s Review Of New York City

Hello explorers, 

As we entered New York City, it was immediately extremely fast paced and busy. We previously thought we were fast walkers, but that was not the case here. The crowds were walking in groups, shoulder to shoulder and had a very fast demeanor about them. It was so fast paced that people were walking in front of traffic and cars were weaving in and out of them. There was never a time you didn’t hear a car horn. However, when you did stop and look around you could find some interesting areas.

Some notable locations were of course Times Sqaure and Rockafella Plaza, but our favorite was Central Park. It was a nice break from the fast paced energy that the city gives off. It was much less crowded, there was places to sit and enjoy the scenery as well as various activities through out the park. We even seen some people bouldering on the larger rocks around the park. We found it amazing how large of a green space existed in the heart of such a big city. 

Before we visited the city we had both seen plenty of photos of Times Square. It always seemed vibrant, large and spacious. It was a place that we both wanted to experience. Upon arriving we both immediately noticed how much narrower the space was in person compared to the photos we had seen. We also expected the stores to be of a different variety. We had the notion that the surrounding stores would be either extremely recognizable and notable brands, or high end retail stores. However, there were lots of smaller stores we either never heard of or just seemed out of place. However, since we weren’t there for shopping this didn’t bother us too much. Then of course there are the giant advertisements. We expected more of them then what we saw. Also, they all seemed to be on a rotation of the same ads over and over. There were also a few that were glitched out or broken. Over all we found it a bit underwhelming but it did make for some great photos of the space and time lapses of the crowds as they flowed through the streets.

Overall, it was a fun experience and we think a variety of people could find something that they enjoy doing within the city. Personally we enjoy a more relaxed style than what the city has to offer. It was a great trip to take once, but we would not go out of our way to go back again. Though, if the chance presented itself, we would. 

-Ben and Felicia

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